085 – Beetlejuice

He’s here! The ghost with the most, the bio-exorcist you need. Just say his name three times and he’s there! With 17.5 minutes on screen Michael Keaton created an iconic 80s character. We love him, we know you do. Also we announce the winner of our Top Ten for August!

4 thoughts on “085 – Beetlejuice

  1. Fantastic podcast Gidgit and Angry. Again. They are all perfect.
    Oh Gidgit the game was Fallout 3 that used I don’t want to set the world on fire btw!

  2. Angry can you say ‘hello Sellina’ to me please! Love your podcast massive fan and have not missed one. Sounds pathetic but love your voice and please please say hello to me! xxxxx

  3. Top pod cast. Laughed, found out trivia – how did I not know about this pod? Eighties movies are my era. And your daughter is adorable. I love The Lost Boys too. Catching up now. Over 80 oh gosh! Lots to listen to.

  4. Over here from following Gidgit VonLaRue on twitter and she just posted you podcasted Beetlejuice. It is one of my favorite movies and I’m very excited to listen. Thanks.

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