090 – White Mischief

Sultry, sexy and hot. Three words you could use to describe this fantastic 80s movie. Stunning cast, intriguing plot, fashion and music? What else do you need?

This week we’re in Kenya getting up to a little White Mischief…

4 thoughts on “090 – White Mischief

  1. You have podcasted White Mischief!

    I have searched the internet for a podcast of this movie and you have delivered.

    I can’t believe it. Sorry I’m giddy with excitment. My massive crush is Charles Dance and I’ve seen all his movies and TV shows and when I watched this movie I’ll just say I searched high and love to buy it. I finally have it and now you deliver this.

    My mind is so blown. I can’t believe it and I’m so very grateful. I feel I owe you both and promise will review you on Itunes and give you five big fat stars. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Firslty I hadn’t heard of this movie so I will def check it out. Secondly the part in the movie where Gidgit is explaining that intimate scene in the mortuary had me laughing out loud! “She goes towards her nether regions”!!

  3. I must check out this flick again for the story rather than the flesh. As a teenager in the 80s with all the baggage puberty brings certin things helped stir up the mix, my mates Madonna poster, Betty Blue on VHS and Greta Sacchi whom always had the tendency to have her clothes fall off !!

    Must check out this flick before the podcast – as the story/plot is always well explained verbatim !

  4. Another great podcast and I found this so interesting I did look into the real story. I have even ordered the book Gidgit mentioned. I’m now wrapped up in The Happy Valley set stories and people so thank you both.

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