091 – Top Ten Music Scores

This week we celebrate our 100th episode! And it’s a top ten, and this time we’re looking at the best movie scores from the 1980s.

Joining us and bringing his expertise to the list is a huge fan of Eighties Music, 80sHog!

Thanks for joining us Hog! Find him on twitter here, and his blog here !

9 thoughts on “091 – Top Ten Music Scores

  1. Brilliant podcast and I am now heading to YouTube to make my list and listen to all of yours.

    Please do another of movie music scores. I’m in love.

  2. Fun listen. Solid lists all around, with some surprising selections.

    BTW, ALIENS was conducted by James Horner and was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. ALIEN, composed by Jerry Goldsmith, was performed by The National Philharmonic Orchestra and was conducted by Lionel Newman.

  3. slowly going through your podcasts and listened to this while gardening!!!!!!!

    following 80’s Hog now on twitter.

  4. I only found you on twitter. Long time follower of 80s Hog. I missed this
    Brilliant mates – fucking brilliant.
    Listened now and will listen again in my car tomorrow going to work. The soundtracks just filled my heart with joy.
    Thank you Angry Gidget and Hog.
    Totally stoked about hearing this have to say.
    Cheers Gidg for the information.

  5. Woah found this on Gigdits twitter!!!!! Great simply great. Took me back to want to watch these movies again. I missed soundtracks. I seriously did. Too busy watching to notice. You have opened my eyes, all of you. Thank you.

  6. LOVE the music in your podcasts.
    I listen in my car to work and they make me so happy!
    More music please!

  7. Thanks Erik Woods – we do not get everything right and REALLY appreciate feedback buddy. You are the man in the know! All taken on board and love all your comments. We try to get everything right but doesn’t always happen!!!

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