092 – Grease 2

It’s 1961 at Rydell High School so why not join Gidgit and Angry as they go prowlin’ for the cool rider and learn mad motorbike skills in a montage?

Lots of fun, and a great cover by the RC’s very own Lana White. You can’t miss this!

Check Lana’s other amazing work (including free songs!) HERE

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5 Responses to 092 – Grease 2

  1. Mindy Heeven says:

    Fantastic podcast but how dare you say Maxwell is not a great actor.
    Alright he’s not the best but I just adore him so so much. Still loved the podcast and I love this movie. Thank you G & A.

  2. Wendy Millice says:


  3. Wilbert Heaven says:

    I listen 2 all your podcasts. All of them.

    Was not a fan of this movie but my daughters love it and loved your podcast. Thanks for not swearing.

    Ok from my family movies to do:
    Turner and Hooch
    Look Whose Talking
    Funny Farm
    Three Men and a Baby
    Three Amigos
    The Great Mouse Detective
    Pretty in Pink

    That are from my whole family.

  4. Cindy Trell says:

    Saw Gidgit twitter and came over to listen and love it!

  5. Omarosa Willim says:

    just listened to history of the world and new to you both so had no idea you did this movie. I’m sooo happy. I love grease 2 sooo much.

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