092 – Grease 2

It’s 1961 at Rydell High School so why not join Gidgit and Angry as they go prowlin’ for the cool rider and learn mad motorbike skills in a montage?

Lots of fun, and a great cover by the RC’s very own Lana White. You can’t miss this!

Check Lana’s other amazing work (including free songs!) HERE

5 thoughts on “092 – Grease 2

  1. Fantastic podcast but how dare you say Maxwell is not a great actor.
    Alright he’s not the best but I just adore him so so much. Still loved the podcast and I love this movie. Thank you G & A.

  2. I listen 2 all your podcasts. All of them.

    Was not a fan of this movie but my daughters love it and loved your podcast. Thanks for not swearing.

    Ok from my family movies to do:
    Turner and Hooch
    Look Whose Talking
    Funny Farm
    Three Men and a Baby
    Three Amigos
    The Great Mouse Detective
    Pretty in Pink

    That are from my whole family.

  3. just listened to history of the world and new to you both so had no idea you did this movie. I’m sooo happy. I love grease 2 sooo much.

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