9 thoughts on “096 – Top Ten Scariest Scenes

  1. Hello! I was just listening to your podcast while shopping for groceries when you gave that shoutout to your one german listener! So you must’ve meant me – as I am both german and a fan of your podcast 😉 I love listening to the podcast, your knowledge and background infos are amazing plus it’s a nice touch to get that personal touch for every movie!
    I also have to mention that your comment on the “gold bath” and the reference to the block was so funny as I thought exactly the same! Actually the twitter comments of Gidgit – which popped up in previous seasons of the block – made me curious about who you are… so I did my research and found your podcast! It’s all connected in the end… just like those 80ies movies 😉

    Anyway… Greetings from Hannover in Germany to both of you! Keep up this super entertaining podcast!

    PS: As i was just rewatching “the war of the roses” and plan to watch “the money pit” tonight, I’d love to know how you like those movies and/or get a podcast about these… I cannot resist a good movie house remodeling! Maybe it’s even an idea for a top ten list? The house from beetle juice would definitely have to be on my list!

    • thanks for posting Maik! great comments and i know both those movies are going to be done (esp war of the roses)

    • Thanks so much Maik for such an amazing comment!!!! We love War of the Roses and The Money Pit! So funny you are our ‘one German listener’ – you shall be known as that!!! Haha. So super cool you got the ‘gold bath’ comment!!!
      Thanks for listening and so great to have you as a listener!

      Thanks EVERYONE for leaving comments. We love them and it’s our ‘payment’ in a way.

  2. Another fantastic top ten! Being a teen of the 80’s I can relate totally and even played this to my husband who loved it. I would pick tree swallow from Poltergeist personally. But so many scary scenes. Listening for a second time now.

  3. First comment and I feel I had to as you will now have to say you have TWO German listeners. I’ve been listening to you both for a year now and love your podcast.

    I live in Leipzig Germany but was born in Perth Australia. Love hearing familiar accents and your knowledge, passion and humor.

    So two German listeners. LOL

  4. I love your top ten podcasts so much I look forward to the end of each month.
    I still love your full 80’s movie podcasts but your top ten podcasts suit the time it takes me to get to work.

  5. Loved this podcast the retro cinema- hearing you both sharing your countdown to scariest scenes from 80’s films. Lots of fun to listen too folks!

  6. Missed this one! Gigit posted it on twitter. So much fun and agree with so many picks.

    I love you both laugh and have so much fun doing your podcast.

    I want a ‘shout out’ please! Huge fan

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