099a – Robin Block Interview Part 1

Join Gidgit von Larue for a very special two part interview with Robin Block the Executive Producer of the ultimate 80s Horror Documentary In Search of Darkness. In part 1 Gidgit talks to Robin in a pre-podcast chat.

You can find more information and donate to their Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/creatorvc/in-search-of-darkness-the-definitive-80s-horror-do


6 thoughts on “099a – Robin Block Interview Part 1

  1. Super great conversation and cannot wait for interview. I sent a little bit of money to their kickstarter and I’m such a massive 80’s horror movie fan. Bring on Halloween and your 2nd part.

  2. You are handling Angry on vacation beautifully Gidgit.

    Good on you. Look forward to Angryman’s return but been really enjoying your guests and super excited for your full interview with Robin Block.

  3. Thanks so much Rebecca and Dean. Really love the feedback and thanks – I’m doing my best. Angry will be back next week in time to celebrate our official 100th episode!!!!

  4. I had no idea about this. It’s now my ultimate podcast! Thank you Gidgit.
    Love how so easy to leave comments too.

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