099b – Robin Block Interview Part 2

Join Gidgit von Larue for part two of her interview with Robin Block the Executive Producer of the ultimate 80’s Horror Documentary In Search of Darkness. Robin also joins Gidgit to discuss their Top Ten Creepiest 80’s Horror Characters.

You can find more information and donate to their Kickstarter HERE

3 thoughts on “099b – Robin Block Interview Part 2


    Ive paid my $250 to In Search of Darkness & listening to any podcast with anyone involved in this project.

    Gidgit & Robin you sound like long time friends and I very much enjoyed your podcast the most. I loved both your top tens and I have a few movies I need to see like Angel Heart.

  2. Hi I’m looking forward to this documentary on 80’s horror so much. Great interview. Very fun. Loved that Robin stuck around for one of your end of the month top tens. Sounds like a great guy. You are doing well on your own Gidget but looking forward to Angry returning as well. Good job Gidget.

  3. Great interview and top ten Gidgit. Well done holding the fort while your podcast partner Angryman is away. Robin sounds like a great guy and it was a really interesting podcast. I hope it is not too late for me to send money to their kickstarter.

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