100 – Top Ten Parties and Celebrations

It’s our 100th episode!!! And to celebrate Gidgit and Angry take a look at some of the great parties in 80s movies. And let’s face it, ALL the music rocked!

Thanks to everyone who has worked on, listened, messaged and had fun with our podcast. We love doing it, and it’s great sharing the 80s movie love with you all!

3 thoughts on “100 – Top Ten Parties and Celebrations

  1. Huge happy 100th Birthday Angryman and Gidgit Vonlarue!

    Thank you for your fantastic 80’s movie podcast that I listen to every single week.

  2. 100 episodes! Amazing. Thanks for providing me with listening of my favorite decade of my favorite movies each and every week and may you make many more 100’s!

    You still have a few 80’s movies I love to do so I look forward to the new year!

    Again congratulations. 100 – wow.

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