102 – Planes, trains and automobiles

It’s Gidgit’s birthday pick this week, and perfectly timed for Thanksgiving! Join Steve Martin as he just tries to get home to his family for Thanksgiving… but has to travel with John Candy…

7 thoughts on “102 – Planes, trains and automobiles

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite podcast! Angryman and Gidgit I look forward to your 80’s movie podcast every single week. I am a huge fan and thank you for delighting me every week.

  2. I’ve listened to three other Planes Trains and Automobiles podcasts today. Yours is the fourth and the best. Thank you. I love this movie.

    But I also find Del very annoying and you are the most mature podcast I’ve listened to and again great trivia. Happy thanks giving Gidgit and Angry.

  3. I JUST drove my kids to summer camp listening to this podcast and my kids find you both so funny. Also they are super excited for Gremlins. They love that movie! I think they are screening it at their summer camp. PLEASE give one of your shout outs to Queens Summer Camp!

  4. To not just my favorite 80’s movie pod cast but to my favorite pod cast – Happy Thanks Giving. I know in Australia you do not celebrate it but great pod cast of one of my all time favorite movies and I hope many more years of listening to you both. Seeing it’s near the end of the year here are some 80’s movies I hope you both love and will pod cast;
    Dressed to Kill 1980
    Dead Poets Society 1989
    Major League 1989
    Midnight Run 1988 – I have seen Gidgit discuss this on twitter so I know she loves it.
    Biloxi Blues 1988
    Raising Arizona 1987
    Some Kind of Wonderful 1987
    The Money Pit 1986
    The Mission 1986

    I have more but won’t be greedy. You do say we can send in requests so I hope I have not overstepped the line.

  5. I listen to a lot of movie podcasts but I love yours and find so easy to comment on them.
    Another wonderful podcast Angry and Gidgit. And thanks for making it so easy to leave praise. I love many podcasts but struggle to leave comments. Really laughed and enjoyed Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Can’t wait for Gremlins.

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