5 thoughts on “103 – Gremlins

  1. Cocoon! Can I win the Gizmo now?
    Loved the podcast. One of your best ones. I laughed heaps. You are both very funny and keep it clean which is rare these days. I feel comfortable playing to my son who is 9. I will get him to leave a comment. His name is Jake.

  2. Funniest podcast so far. I was crying laughing while cooking dinner for the kids. They were laughing too.
    Well done Angryman and Gidgit VonLarue. I hope everyone involved in this movie or who loves it hears this podcast.

  3. What is your website again to enter the contest? I can’t find it and I was listening in the car and couldn’t write it down!

  4. Mega fan of you both and I love this movie.
    I do like the sarcastic edge you had podcasting this movie and had a few really good laughs. Thank you A & G

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