107 – Ghostbusters

We’re back for 2019! And hitting the ground running Gidgit and Angry rewatch what was a HUGE hit in the day – and still a great watch! Who ya gunna call?

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3 Responses to 107 – Ghostbusters

  1. Wilbert Heaven says:

    just listened and great podcast Angry and Gidg. You made me google the Huwy Lewis bit about Ray Parker Jnr. I had to know more.

    Love the podcast. fun movie and you are both fun

  2. Wendy Millice says:

    What a better way to kick off 2019 but with Ghostbusters by my favorite podcasters.
    I’m very excited and love all your podcasts.
    I sprout trivia from you at dinner parties.

  3. Peter Kent says:

    Welcome back from Hawaii Gidgit.
    Great hearing you both back together doing another fantastic 80’s movie.
    Bring on 2019 and Angryman and Gidgit VonLarue and The Retro Cinema podcast.

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