108 – Frantic

Join Gidgit and Angry as they make their way through Paris with Harrison Ford and Emmanuelle Seigner trying to find his wife (and make a few francs in the process…) Great little gem well worth seeing!

4 thoughts on “108 – Frantic

  1. fantastic! love it! You 2 are my new addiction podcast!
    More I want more!
    I have people in my office listening

  2. The joy of listening to this podcast is that both GidgitVonLaRue & AngryMan bring a movie from the 80’s that you’ve never heard of to your attention and this is the case here so thanks guys

  3. Long time listener and loving it all so much. I showed my husband this movie and he loved it. Now I’m making him listen to your podcast! He’s living that too.

  4. Stunned you podcasted this 80’s movie! Good for you both of you as I do love this Roman Polanski movie with Harrison Ford. You both just get better and better. Such respect you do so much research. I greatly appreciate it.

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