108 – Frantic

Join Gidgit and Angry as they make their way through Paris with Harrison Ford and Emmanuelle Seigner trying to find his wife (and make a few francs in the process…) Great little gem well worth seeing!

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4 Responses to 108 – Frantic

  1. Tarha Velps says:

    fantastic! love it! You 2 are my new addiction podcast!
    More I want more!
    I have people in my office listening

  2. The joy of listening to this podcast is that both GidgitVonLaRue & AngryMan bring a movie from the 80’s that you’ve never heard of to your attention and this is the case here so thanks guys

  3. Belinda Waley says:

    Long time listener and loving it all so much. I showed my husband this movie and he loved it. Now I’m making him listen to your podcast! He’s living that too.

  4. Tenelle Oliver says:

    Stunned you podcasted this 80’s movie! Good for you both of you as I do love this Roman Polanski movie with Harrison Ford. You both just get better and better. Such respect you do so much research. I greatly appreciate it.

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