109 – Flashdance

Grab your leg warmers and hit the dance floor as we weld by day and dance by night in the 80s social phenomenon that was Flashdance. Amazing soundtrack and a look that helped define 80s fashion. Also – it’s competition time!!

109 – Flashdance


Credit for Extended Remix – Rudy Callens

6 thoughts on “109 – Flashdance

  1. new listener loving your pod.
    you are taking me bake to all my favorite all time movies ever.
    I want to be friends with you Angry & Gidget. you are my dream team

  2. So happy! You have put me in my happy room.
    Laughed out loud at your podcast. I adore you both. You say what I think.
    I watch Flashdance twice a year.
    I am Alex but I can dance.
    You 2 are so funny!

  3. Joe Esposito also was a member of Brooklyn Dreams who co wrote “Bad Girls” with Donna Summer. Joe also sings the male lead along side Donna on the single “Heaven Knows”

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