5 thoughts on “114 – Top Ten Films set in Los Angeles

  1. Gidgit and Angry,
    Thoroughly enjoyed your top 1o 80’s films that feature LA. Lots of great films mentioned Down And Out In Beverly Hills, Tequila sunrise, Xanadu- but my favourite is Die Hard.
    Love your podcast guys,
    Regards Shakti xxx

  2. Being someone that does live in L.A and in Bel Air I found this podcast very awesome. My whole family sat around to listen to it.

    We are now driving around to find these film locations.

    Consider me new fan of the pod dudes!

  3. Love both of your lists. Being an LA gal I know so many of these locations.
    You are both such fun too. I know I’m going to listen to a pod cast that makes me smile.

    • Thanks Penelope! (we thanked you for your last post on our Re-animator episode but not sure if you heard it or not as having the kids in the car lol – but hey another shout out coming your way 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone for your awesome feedback! We love it all! Love so many of you live in LA! Have any photos in movie locations – send them to us! We will put them on our website.

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