118 – Robin Block Returns! (Interview)

Here’s a special for you coming in to the weekend! Gidgit sat down again with Robin Block, the man behind the seminal 80s horror documentary to talk more about this amazing project and also gives us some Exclusives on some upcoming projects!

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3 Responses to 118 – Robin Block Returns! (Interview)

  1. Tenelle Oliver says:

    OUTSTANDING interview Miss Gidge!
    Loved it. I love 80’s horror movies. I signed up. I’m so excited.

  2. Tarha Velps says:

    I can’t listen enough. So interesting and sounds like you are old friends. I want to be your friends please. I want to talk 80s movies with all of you – Angry too!
    Can I be in your gang?

  3. Rob Merchat says:

    Robin Block loves Gidgit! Kidding – so great. Listened to all.
    Send money and cannot wait to get my copy of In Search of Darkness.
    Gidgit – 3 interviews – hope you get John Carpenter!

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