119 – Top Ten films set in New York

New York, New York, the Big Apple! This week Gidgit and Angry take a look at some of the iconic films from the 1980s that have been set in this incredible metropolis. Join us as we count down our favourite films set in the former town of New Amsterdam!

3 thoughts on “119 – Top Ten films set in New York

  1. I live in Queens & about time some of you movie podcasts did how great NY region is!

    Thumbs up from Garry.

  2. My folks live in Manhattan & I visit three times a year. Now I want to visit these locations. Love NY and it’s great life. Still addicted to your pod.

  3. Slowly catching up!
    I listen to a few others but you are coming out as my favorite

    I live in Bronxsville but I know NY city very well. Will take photos.

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