122 – Gallipoli

One of the founding events that defined who we are as a nation, the war in Gallipoli changed not only the people there, but the nation supporting them. On the most sacred secular day in Australia, Gidgit and Angry talk about the film and the events of that time in August 1915.

7 thoughts on “122 – Gallipoli

  1. You both broke my heart. I listened
    then watched Gallipoli and it broke my heart.

    Thankyou for your podcast and letting me find this film.

    I have not cried so much at the end of a film.

    I then watched a documentary on WWI and my mind is open.

    • Hi Catherine, thanks for letting us know how it felt watching that film, we’re really moved by your comments

  2. Gidget mentioned this on Twitter. I am Aussie and appreciate this.
    I get emotional too.

  3. I am new to your pod cast and I admit I did not know anything about World War 1 or this. I am guilty of not learning that.
    Hearing Gidget get upset made me look further into this even and WW1 and I now have my husband watching documentaries on WW1 with me due to your pod cast.
    I had to comment as I think when you produce something that makes people like me open my mind to it it is important to remind those people of what they have done.
    Thank you from Agatha and William

    • thanks so much for taking the time to write Agatha, very much appreciate you saying that!

  4. Here is that trailer for They Shall Not Grow Old – Peter Jackson – that I rave about! You are welcome!

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