123 – Top Ten Military Films

Following on from Gallipoli last week, this week the monthly Top Ten covers off some of our favourite Military movies from the 1980s!

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3 Responses to 123 – Top Ten Military Films

  1. Belinda Waley says:

    Love your top ten pod casts Angry and Gidgit and I was so happy you had Stripes on your list Angry. You win! (Still love you Gidg)

    Will you be podcasting Stripes?

  2. Ryand Miller says:

    just found your pod cast and Im a new follower and fan.
    like gidget i had family served in all American wars.
    love your style and accents and pod cast.
    found it through Americas next top podcaster. go gidget!

    have a lot to catch up on with your pod casts which I will be doing.

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