131b – Return of the Jedi (Part Two)

This week we finish out our podcasts on the last of the original three Star Wars movies – in the original format! Also, we announce the winner of the Chucky Doll competition!

3 thoughts on “131b – Return of the Jedi (Part Two)

  1. GREAT JOB! I’ve listened to both.
    You two make me laugh which I love.

  2. Ive listened to many many Jedi podcasts & you are both obviously not crazy indepth fans of these movie but lovers of them I appreciate your take on the films.
    The more relaxed approach works for me as I am the same.

  3. Gidgit here – thanks Hannah and Hugh! We would never declare ourselves in depth fans but just love these as the films that they are! We do try to keep things light so thank you both for this lovely feedback x

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