139 – Top Ten Non 80s Movies set in the 80s

This week we have a lot of fun looking at the films made OUTSIDE the 1980s’ What sorcery is this? Well the catch is they have to be set IN the 1980s. And boy, are there some great films up for listing!

7 thoughts on “139 – Top Ten Non 80s Movies set in the 80s

  1. When Gidgit announced this Top Ten I’ve been looking forward to it so much
    I will be listening tomorrow while doing the house work.
    Thank you Angry and Gidgit. I love your podcast. I can’t praise it enough.

  2. Another great top ten Angry and Gidgit. HUGE fan of your podcast. You say we can suggest podcasts and after listening to this I would love to hear you both pick ten 80’s movies and recast them with modern day actors!!

  3. Going the opposite direction—there aren’t many films made prior to the 80s that take place in 80s. I guess the 80s just weren’t “future” enough and two that come to mind are “Westworld” and “Futureworld.”

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