4 thoughts on “140 – Angel Heart

  1. First time listening to you podcast and first time leaving a comment on any podcast.
    You forced me to leave one as this is one of my favorite eighties movies and you both did such a respectful job. I found out so much about this movie I did not know.
    Consider me a new fan and follower. You are both so respectful of these movies.
    Thank you and good fortune.

  2. I watched this film as a young man and I still find it chilling and uneasy.
    Another great podcast Gidgit and Angry. I feel like I know you both so well.
    Like listening to good friends who know a lot about 80’s movies.

  3. New to you are podcast & loving it totally!
    Luuuuuv your voices & doing some of my favorite 80s movies
    Nailing it

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