141 – Midnight Run

This week we look at one of Gidgit’s all time 80s favourites. It’s a great movie in any decade with some hilarious performances and ad-libbed scenes. Enjoy Midnight Run!

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3 Responses to 141 – Midnight Run

  1. William Hathway says:

    Brilliant movie guys. Laughed a lot at work people asked me what I was listening to.
    I told them. Hope you get some more fans like me!
    Still making my way through your catalogue. I can hear you improving. Well done.

  2. Tony Projchet says:

    Ha the use of the word ‘fuck’. You need to do a montage of that.
    You are both funny, this is a funny movie and this was perfect on every level.
    Listened while I was mowing the lawn and had to stop as I was laughing.

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