142 – Fatal Attraction

This week with Angry out of town Gidgit is joined by Carrie from Girls Beer Sport Podcast to tackle the 1987 psychological thriller Fatal Attraction. Hide your knives, hide your acid and especially hide your bunnies. Also thanks to Jon and Al Kaplan for the excerpt from their brilliant Fatal Attraction The Musical (yes that is Glenn Close singing).

You can find Carrie here: https://girlsbeersports.com/

And check out Jon and Al’s brilliant work here: http://www.jonandal.com/video-gallery

1 thought on “142 – Fatal Attraction

  1. Fantastic podcast Gidgit and Carrie. Deep but also amusing. I do miss hearing Angryman’s voice but if Angry is away Carrie is a great filler.
    I’m going to check out her podcast now.

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