143 – Top Ten 80s Movie Weddings

Love is in the air as we look at some of the fun weddings from those classics from the 80s!

Some are just background, some drive the film, but I think we can agree we’d love attending an 80s wedding!

5 thoughts on “143 – Top Ten 80s Movie Weddings

  1. I luuuuuuuuv your Top Tens Angry and Gidgit. I love your podcast but I get like a kid on Christmas day at the end of each month for your Top Tens. Brilliant.
    I need to remember next month to send my list in of what ever your next topic is.
    I laughed and sang along. Well done. And I have not seen Yentl either although my wife has.

  2. Another fun top ten! Gidgit how did you not have Steel Magnolias on your list??

  3. Please do Yentl just to test the awesome Colonel Kickhead! Great list. Weddings are not my deal but I played this to my wife and she loved it. She also said “Tell Gidget to podcast Yentl”
    Are we being mean?

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