144 – Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

This week we start Halloween month with the third in a classic series! Underrated? We think so, so get your masks on and join us in Santa Mira for horror and just a little bit of trivia!

5 thoughts on “144 – Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

  1. I’m listening to this with my family and we are all loving and laughing.
    Thanks Angry and Gidgit.
    Getting a big FIVE stars from all of us. We love this movie.

  2. Another fantastic podcast! I have never seen this movie but now I’m going to check it out with my husband and kids on Halloween night. It sounds fun according to both of you.

  3. HUGE guilty pleasure movie of mine. Love it and loved your podcast.
    You are my favorite podcast to listen to.

  4. Is there a rule you have for not playing quotes from non 80’s movies? Just curious.
    I wanted to hear the bit from Waynes World 2!
    To say that, loved the podcast. I agree with senior and junior. Weird.

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