5 thoughts on “145a – Twilight Zone: The Movie

  1. I’ve always wondered what lame game my generation would be asked to play once we are in a home.

    Like, what is GenX’s “Kick the Can” – maybe tether ball? Is that a thing in Australia?

    • hahaha i know the game, although its called ‘totem tennis’ here in australia 🙂

  2. I love hearing about the drama that occurred behind the scenes of movies. Oh my goodness I did not know about the stunt helicopter crash during filming for
    “Time Out” .
    I love hearing about the behind the scenes drama in films. This one was severely tragic.
    Thank you for mentioning it and keeping it short. You told us all we needed to know, then switching back to what you guys do best. After seven months of listening this has become my favorite podcast EVER!

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