145b – Twilight Zone: The Movie

We’re back this week to finish out our two parter on the amazing anthology movie, the Twilight Zone! Join Gidgit and Angry as they cover the last two stories !

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2 Responses to 145b – Twilight Zone: The Movie

  1. Mike Lyddon says:

    Outstanding! Great podcast. Learning so much. Going now to catch up on previous podcasts.
    Love your accents

  2. Ni Gee says:

    Always loved
    Nightmare At 20,000 Feet! I wasn’t born yet for either version, but
    I wonder how many paranoid people looked out their airplane window for an hideous gremlin on the wing?😁

    Btw, November, December or January would be a perfect time for The Retro cinema
    to discuss my favorite and only horror movie put out by Disney-🤣
    Return To Oz!

    Gidgit said it was on the list. But the anticipation is killing me. 😂

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