149 – Arthur

Happy birthday Gidgit! Yes, it’s that time of year and the Birthday Queen has picked the hilarious Arthur for the podcast this week. Join us as we laugh and chat about this 80s comedy gem!

3 thoughts on “149 – Arthur

  1. Very funny movie and you are both very funny. Still really enjoying your wonderful podcast. My favorite. Thanks Gidgit and Angryman.

  2. Hey I always comment here! LOL! You are both so funny. Still my favorite podcast. Love your accents, your humor and the way you love these movies. Thank you both.

  3. Great movie, great podcast, loved every minute of it…and, yet, I wouldn’t take the remake over the sequel, although I completely understood why Gidget totally would. The sequel I found it be sad, pathetic, unfunny…the complete polar opposite of what made the original so endearing in the first place.

    That being said, the remake upset me less, for whatever that’s worth; I saw it in the theater, I didn’t hate it, I really liked indie queen Greta Gerwig in the Liza Minelli role and I’m a fan of the star and think he should have won an Oscar for either Supporting Actor or Original Song for FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. He wasn’t a bad choice, but like the sequel, the remake should never have been made and even the star himself said it was a mistake. (Jennifer Garner and Helen Mirren were unfortunately wasted, too.)

    The issue is there’s just too much love and affection for the original–a perfect storm, you could say–that the critics just slaughtered the movie when really it’s far from being the worst remake out there…A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake came out just before and was just absolute rubbish, the worst kind of remake. Who are we kidding, though? There will always be only one ARTHUR. The remake may have been a mistake, but so was the godawful sequel…even the same year’s CADDYSHACK II was slightly better, I felt.

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