155 – Spies Like Us

2020 is here! And this first podcast of the decade by Gidgit and Angry is the hilarious comedy with two eighties comedic legends! Spies Like Us!


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4 Responses to 155 – Spies Like Us

  1. Tanya Sindon says:

    Welcome back Angry and Gidg
    I’ve missed your pod cast very much and relieved you are back to entertain me each week with great 80s movies. And happy 2020 🙂

  2. Rick Swift says:

    Wait, that was Vanessa Angel? Did not know that!

    My favorite scene is when Oz is monitoring the test and they are so obviously cheating. Classic comedy sketch with the legends. And, I was so happy about that Family Guy episode too.

  3. William Hathway says:

    Dam missed you both sooooooo much.
    Dont leave me again
    Such a cracking it funny film and you two make me laugh.
    I DM’ed Gidg telling her that

  4. Shanae Behn says:

    As directed by John Landis, Spies Like Us uses some inspired clowning to match and introduce this duo. Mr. Chase has some funny antics during a Foreign Service exam ( What does K.G.B. stand for? he wants to know, while trying to copy from a neighbor.) And there is a quick, witty basic-training sequence in which both men are put through such maneuvers as radical vertical impact simulation, or a nose dive off a building in a very small plane.

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