156 – The Man from Snowy River

In celebration of Australia Day on the 26th January, Gidgit and Angry have a look at one of the best in Australian Cinema. Based on the iconic poem and showcasing the amazing High Country of Australia, this is a fantastic film!

3 thoughts on “156 – The Man from Snowy River

  1. Happy australia day Gidgit and Angry!

    I need to see this film now and Colonel’s amazing gifs on twitter amazing.

    I own three horses and cannot believe I’ve never seen Gidgits ‘horsey’ movie! LOL LOL

  2. Welcome back you two! Damn hot been missing you both!
    What a great movie to do for your Australia day. I’ve never seen it but will check it out.
    I’ve never even been near a horse let alone ride one.
    But I love Aussie movies & might ride a horse this year!

  3. New listener.
    I studied Women’s Suffrage and I appreciate you both being accurate in your history of women and allowance to vote.
    I will listen now more as I also appreciate a man and woman both very equal while podcasting. The lady is not the novelty with the high voice being the silly side kick. She is as in control as the man. I do not mean to sound preachy but ladies do check out this podcast.

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