158 – 80s Oscar Show – Part 1

It’s that time of year – it’s Oscars time! While the Academy Awards 2020 will be celebrating the films of 2019 – Angryman and Gidgit Von Larue travel back to the 1980’s Oscars. Part one covers the 1981 to 1985 Academy Awards. We talk winners, who should have won, nominees, trivia and a whole lot more!!

9 thoughts on “158 – 80s Oscar Show – Part 1

  1. Truly fantastic! I’m worried about Gidgit and her Popeye pick of all the actors of that year! Really Gidgit?

    I cannot wait for part 2. I am doing my 1980 to 1985 picks now.

  2. I’ve been loving your podcast for a long time now and felt I had to say something. You both make my week. I’m an 80’s teen and grew up with these films. You bring me joy. Thank you. I’m glad I can say this to you. You bring me joy and happiness. Thank you

  3. Don’t mean to be rude but are you two a couple or husband and wife or brother & sister?
    My friend pointed me to you and I ADORE your podcast.
    Just don’t know the situation?
    Not that it matters. Loving your love for 80’s films! Can play this in my car with my kids!

    • haha hi Eva, thanks for listening! We’re friends – but never actually physically met. (We live about 700m/1000km apart) and we love you can listen with the kids in the car!

  4. Sorry Gidget but the last Lord of the Rings owned the award on it’s own.
    The first one was boring. Sorry I just disagree

  5. THIS IS BRILLIANT. One of the smartest podcasts I’ve had the pure joy to listen to.
    You research this. I have learnt so very much on my favorite decade of films.
    I cannot rant about this enough as how purely great this is and I’m about to listen to part 2.
    I do not listen to many podcasts but I am now more enamored by your podcast now.
    Thank you Angry Man and Gidgit Von Larue. I will spread the word.
    You have given me dinner discussions for when we can all go out to them again.

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