158b – 80s Oscar Show – Part 2

Better late than never – the 2020 Academy Awards have come and gone but those 80’s decade Oscars will live on! This week Angryman and Gidgit Von Larue return with Part 2 of their 80’s Oscars – this time from the films of 1985 to 1989. The winners – the losers & our picks plus plenty of trivia.

7 thoughts on “158b – 80s Oscar Show – Part 2

  1. Listened to part 1 and now 2.
    Loved both and although not agree with all your picks super entertaining fun double podcast. Thank you.
    Would love you both to do these more often please. Such variety.

  2. NEW listener & loved your 2 part podcast of 80’s Oscars.
    I had forgotten so many and it was wonderful traveling back to that time.
    I’m now going back to listen to your other podcasts now.
    I had to say hello as I notice you give shout outs. I’m a glutton for a shout out.

  3. 1. Witness should have won best picture
    2. Billy Crystal has been the best host of the Oscars
    3. Emil Jannings was a Nazi supporter so never returned to America
    4. Jon Voight should have won for Runaway Train
    5. Matthew Brodrick was the star of Ladyhawke so would have been up for best actor but personally did not deserve the nomination for that performance. More for Ferris.
    6. Gidgit’s “she’s going to die soon award” had me laughing out loud in my car
    7. I have not seen Mask but will be watching it soon. I do like Cher as an actress
    8. You are my favorite podcast so I won’t keep going but I have so much to say! All good.
    9. Sorry for filling up the comment section. Loved part 1 & 2 of your 80’s Oscars.

    Loved these 2 podcast from you both! Shake up from the shit 2020 Oscars!

  5. i burst out laughing at you playing Billy Wilder Clip – I have Austrian heritage so I get him trying to talk English

  6. Wow such great feedback from all of you – thank you so so much! It all means so much. Angry and I did so much research for this and we are as honest as we can be regarding our picks! You are all awesome xxx

  7. Gidgit here – thank you ALL for your feedback. Belinda Waley, Kaley Spring, Tony Projchet, Noah Brando and Shelly Downey!!!

    I’d love to give everyone shout outs but often these comments are left way after we released the podcast – so keep up with our podcast – comment on Twitter or our last podcast for a mention! I try to sneak in as many as I can!

    Love Gidgit xxx

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