1 thought on “161 – Top Ten 80s Movie Cars

  1. I took notes this time:

    Tucker?? Wait, you are admitting you watched that movie? I thought I was alone. Also, why don’t we have center headlights that move with the steering wheel now?

    Love how you snuck in that Aston Martin! Have you podcasted Cannonball Run yet?

    Random – the first car I ever owned that I paid for myself was an 81 Dodge Diplomat – my friends called it The Love Boat. I bet Gidgit would dig it!

    One of my favorite Hot Wheels was the Bandit.

    I need to re-watch The Wraith. All I remember is that it was such a cool movie as a kid. But I sometimes get it confused with Repo Man. Just me?

    I will allow the APC – Game Over Man!!

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