164 – Top Ten 80s Movies Set Before 1980

Gidgit is back from Hawaii early and Angry is unavailable this week so, special guest Colonel Kickhead joins Gidgit to discuss their picks for the Top Ten 80s Movies Set Before 1980.

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2 Responses to 164 – Top Ten 80s Movies Set Before 1980

  1. Nadine Semento says:

    Very strange hearing a different voice with Gidgit but kinda cute it’s her partner!
    Great picks from both of you. I love Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid but no one I know has seen it!!!!
    We need to be best friends!

  2. Shakti says:

    I finally get to hear Gidgits others half’s voice- very sweet you both doing a PC together. Interesting idea too- 80s films not set in 80’s, there’s more than I thought.

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