171b – Starman

This w eek Gidgit and Angry finish out there double episodes of the fantastic John Carpenter film Starman!


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3 Responses to 171b – Starman

  1. Mike Lyddon says:

    LUV this film and loved your two parter podcast.
    I have listened to all your podcasts. I do like you both now asking each other questions.
    So very natural and relatable. I ask questions when listening too!
    Thanks Gidg and Angry.

  2. Tanya Sindon says:

    ur pod is so cool but pls tell Gidg to be less shouty.

  3. Velina Smith says:

    SO new to ur podcast! I luv this movie.
    Like how you both dedicate your pod to the movie! No me me me me schyte.
    New newsies fan!

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