172 – Top Ten Religious Characters in 80s Movies

This is May’s Top Ten and this time around we’re looking at those men and women of Faith that figure in our favourite decade of movies!

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4 Responses to 172 – Top Ten Religious Characters in 80s Movies

  1. Hey You Ugly Girl says:

    Everett McGill’s Reverend Lowe from Silver Bullet 1985 was awesome.Scared the crap out of little me.I totally think he should get an honourable mention.

  2. Mary Longdon says:

    I am new to your pod.
    I grew up in very Christian family and I still live by that code.
    I’m not angry Angry. LOL. I respect Gidgets views & enjoyed your pod

    I was excited you mentioned Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jnr, Angryman. We could not watch a lot of things but we loved Cannonball Run.

    I will check some of the pods you talked about I have never seen.
    Not all of us Christians are boring.

    • theretrocinema says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for taking the time to write, and we hugely appreciate you taking the time to listen to us!

  3. ChadM says:

    Great episode the Top 10 religious characters! Tough choices, no doubt. I think my favorite character from the 80s films was Isaac from The Children of the Corn. Such a great character! Awesome stuff, Gidgy & Angry!

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