176 – The Running Man

This week Gidgit is joined by Colonel Kickhead to venture from 1987 to 2017 to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Sci Fi extravaganza The Running Man.

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2 Responses to 176 – The Running Man

  1. Tanya Sindon says:

    Love this movie! Love to hear Colonel. Always thought you Angry and Gidgit were a couple so my bad!

    If Angry has a week off please have Colonel. He is super funny and love his voice.

    Welcome back Angry. What a great pack you have.

  2. GidgitvoneLaRue says:

    Thanks so much Tanya! We love to change things up a bit – best to have the folks that really love these films on our podcast. Angry and I are NEVER going to love all the same 80’s films – so why not bring in a guest that does!!! We do have a great pack for sure!

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