177 – Top Ten Movies of 1983

This week is last month’s Top Ten – but it’s worth the wait! Because Gidgit and Angry are looking at their favourite films from the year 1983! Is yours there? Lots of shoutouts and fun to be had!

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7 Responses to 177 – Top Ten Movies of 1983

  1. Warren Spencer says:

    I only have 9 – but adding a few to a watchlist thanks to this podcast

    The King of Comedy
    Trading Places
    National Lampoon’s Vacation
    Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    Sudden Impact
    The Dead Zone
    The Lords of Discipline

  2. William Hathway says:

    Luuuuuve top tens Gidg and Angry!
    Wrong song though re Monty Python but aside – great lists.
    Love you are quite different with your picks
    LOVE Scarface and The Right Stuff. Both made me happy

  3. Tony Projchet says:

    Srry Gidg I am all for Angry’s list but I did like The Big Chill after my wife forced me to watch it. Angry list all the way.
    Don’t hate me Gidg.

  4. Suzanne says:

    So fun!

    – Just wanted to say how much I agree that Keith Gordon did a great job in “Christine”!
    – I smiled when I heard “Doctor Detroit” [ladies of the night in the 80s really did have a moment on screen in the 80s, huh??]
    – LOVE “Trading Places”
    – laughed at “We didn’t lose him” re: Carl Reiner
    – I, too, had never heard of ‘High Road to China’
    – “It Might Be You” by Stephen Bishop is *such* a pretty song.
    – I also liked ”Something Wicked this Way Comes”//”Christmas Story”//”Porky’s 2″!
    – Oh wow…did someone mention “Class”?? NIIIICE.
    -“Losin’ It” WHAT!? It’s been sooo long since I’ve seen that one.
    -I do remember “Bad Boys” w/Sean Penn & Clancy Brown. It’s a tough time, that prison life.

    Of course, I smiled the most at hearing ‘Staying Alive’.
    [Dance! Dance! Dance!]

    Great Job you two!


    • GidgitvoneLaRue says:

      FANTASTIC comment Suzanne!!!! So glad you enjoyed our 1983 Top Ten!
      Def be getting a shout out on our next podcast – Rocky IV!
      – Gidgit

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