6 thoughts on “178 – Rocky IV

  1. Hey, I am new listener from Georgia, U.S. and I love your podcast! I discovered it when Google Play Music decided to randomly subscribe me to your show. As weird as that was, I am glad that it happened. It’s so awesome to hear about the movies I know and love and grew up with being discussed by people with better accents than ours. Anyway you guys are awesome, or whatever the word for awesome is in Australia. Maybe full-on? If so, you guys are full-on!

    • Thanks KJT!!! We love feedback and so glad you enjoyed our podcast! Ok that is standard – but seriously thank you! Love you love this movie and love 80’s movies! Not sure about our accents are awesome…but we will take it! We are full-on all the time! Haha

  2. Movie good but putting the music in – BRILLIANT! Super funny too!
    I have listened to your podcasts but both super funny, more trivia and lots of music!

    • Thanks so much Ruby!!! We love the feedback and so glad we entertain you!
      – Gidgit

  3. GREAT podcast. Loved it. You both delved into trivia I did not know!
    Fav podcast!

  4. Best training montage of all time. Showing the Soviets using drugs and taking shortcuts while Rocky is just using nature. It’s pure propaganda brilliance!

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