193 – Top Ten Musicians in 80s Films

This episode we look at those amazing artists that have made the transition from music to screen. Who did it best? Enquiring minds want to know! Listen now here or on your favourite platform 🙂

4 thoughts on “193 – Top Ten Musicians in 80s Films

  1. Hello Gidgit and Angry!

    As always great podcast!
    Very good review and great content!
    Can’t wait to hear a Frank Oz or a Kurt Russell special someday! They were real busy bees in the 80s! 😃
    As you may have guessed, yes, I heard all episodes, but not at once though.
    For years you guys make me company on my daily 80km commute to and from work!
    Thank you for that!
    I’m sure you get suggestions all the time so here’s another!
    My best idea for a top ten: The best forgotten Guilty Pleasure B Movies of the 80s!
    My top 3:
    Used Cars – 1980, Kurt Russell & Jack Warden, dir. Bob Zemeckis
    Remo Williams – 1985, Fred Ward & Wilford Brimley
    My Science Project – 1985, John Stockwell & Dennis Hopper
    Has to be a B movie or a flop at launch otherwise won’t make the cut!

    Lastly, I just heard you Top Ten Musicians podcast. I’m sorry to be a bother, but I have to get this out of my head:
    Cher is pronounced as in “Share”, not as in “Sure”.
    Look it up on youtube and you’ll find Cher herself talking about how to pronounce her name. She was mentioned by you guys before but this time that she really stood out it went unnoticed. Sorry.

    All the best and have a great week!

  2. Hey Adriano, Gidgit here! Thank you so much for your awesome feedback. So glad our podcast entertains you on your commute!
    We do love a ‘guilty pleasure film’ and I have seen those. We may do an 80’s Guilty Pleasure top ten this year for sure.
    I know that Cher is Share but us Aussies are a bit basic when it comes to pronouncing words and names! I call it a fair dinkum quirk mate! Haha. Hey we love all feedback so THANK YOU sir.

  3. Bowie in Labyrinth? Really? And your own words ‘seducing’? Bowie was nearly into his 40’s in that movie, with his bulge on display and chasing after a 16 yr old played by a 14 yr old Jennifer Connelly. And Bowie himself has had MANY allegations of having sex with teenagers, some of whom were underage. And yet people treat it like it’s something to aspire to. Hell, David Baddiel (crap UK ‘comedian’ known for racist blackface-bullying a footballer in the 90s) talked about his friends who were 16 yr olds at the time Bowie and Mick Jagger were trying it on with them and Baddiel sounds jealous saying “who wouldn’t want to lose their virginity to David Bowie?”. Nah. Can’t watch Labyrinth without seeing Jared as a huge nonce. But people still claim Michael Jackson was one even though he was fully investigated and his accusers were all proven in court to be liars (and none went to police, always to civil lawyers for money) and that 4 hour trashpile documentary (which is what finally pushed me to research the facts after I watched it as an actual abuse survivor myself and noticing things didn’t add up even though I wasn’t a Jackson fan) was debunked having 60+ lies and directed by a man who has literally said kids can have ‘fulfilling sexual relationships’ with adults. So many white rock stars get away with all sorts of noncey behaviour (Jimmy Page, Anthony Kiedis, Steven Tyler to name just a few) but the dead black man who was actually proven not guilty (and all the court transcripts, FBI file and masses of evidence exposing the frauds is publicly available. Also I highly recommend Square One by Danny Wu that explains the 1993 extortion attempts by Evan Chandler. And again I read the court files that back it up). Ridiculous. Ah well. At least Jackson’s rep has survived that latest attempt at defamation (there aren’t laws against defamation of the dead in the UK or US so you can make up anything you like about a deceased person and their family can’t sue you, hence why the LN frauds been trying it since 2013 when one of them got rejected for lead choreographer job on the Cirque Du Soleil Jackson TRIBUTE show and the other guy joined the same scam and hired same dodgy ambulance chasing lawyer, who was absolutely destroyed in the recent court case, after his family business was hit by a huge lawsuit around same time). In fact Jackson’s being inducted in the new Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame in Atlanta today as the inaugural ‘Legacy Artist’ alongside other 2021 inductees such as Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and James Brown.

    Anyways some of these other movies are great. Love Blues Brothers especially. Seen that movie a whole ton of times. Great musical talents. Great comedic talents. And Carrie Fisher (oddly enough also knew Evan Chandler I just mentioned and talks about him with disgust in her auto-biography Shockaholic. Highly recommend the audiobook version cos could just listen to her for hours) with various heavy weaponry. Awesome.

    Love Debbie Harry but can’t stand James Woods so Videodrome has always been a hard watch even though I find Cronenberg movies.

  4. Weird I came back here cos I thought I’d typed ‘Jared’ instead of ‘Jareth’ but I don’t see my post at all. Ok then.

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