1 thought on “203 – Dead Calm

  1. Hey Angry & Gidgit! Well done once again: I really like DEAD CALM, in fact got it on DVD in a sale last year…only to find out the picture quality was on the level of VHS and has no idea it was on Blu-ray. When the film came out, critics though it was a strong piece of work aside from the ending; it’s a bit over-the-top and ridiculous, especially considering everything was so tightly constructed before. And I actually do think Warner Bros. had a case here! Billy Zane may be a stud muffin, but he’s also menacing as hell, equally outacting his co-stars…but admittedly I saw this movie in the first place just to see Kidman naked, particularly after falling in love with her in FAR AND AWAY. (Expect more comments soon!) Also, I love Debra Winger too Gisgit and truth is she developed a reputation that she was difficult to work with and even confirmed that with director Willard Huyck in an interview…and he claimed that while Debra had her issues, he still recommended her to John Travolta for URBAN COWBOY after they did the little-seen FRENCH POSTACARDS (1979).

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