4 thoughts on “228b – Superman 2

  1. Enjoyed this! Long live the Donner cut. Angry mentioned continuity issues with Clark’s glasses. In the DVD supplements Donner explained that some of the Clark / Lois scenes were from rehearsal footage which he was forced to use due to not being allowed to complete the film.

    You never mentioned producer Pierre Spengler who was the real thorn in Donner’s side. Donner told the Salkinds it was him or Spengler. They chose…poorly

    I read a making of book when I was 12 that had a ton of interesting info. Wish I still had it. It was written before Donner got the chop.

    • Hi Tordesque!
      We did try to squeeze as much in as possible – thus a two part podcast. Thanks for that feedback – we can always take on something new! The filming of Superman 2 was a drama for sure! We did try to touch on that over our 2 part podcasts with also talking of the film. We so appreciate feedback! Thanks mate!
      Gidgit xxxxx

  2. When I saw the first one and they mentioned that one of the missiles deployed by Luthor to Hackensack, NJ we all laughed as I lived one town over – Little Ferry, from there! Not unlike you Aussies reaction to Luthor wanting to be your president!

    • Hey George,
      Haha yes it’s crazy fun – don’t blame you for laughing re Hackensack!
      At the moment we would take Ted Bundy as our Prime Minister! Hahaha. Thanks for your feedback – really appreciate it!
      Gidgit xxxx

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