236 – Heartbreak Ridge

It’s November! Which means it’s birthday pick time and first up is Angry’s choice as we join the a Recon unit of the US Marines under the guidance of Gunnery Sargent Tom Highway. Time to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

2 thoughts on “236 – Heartbreak Ridge

  1. My real life Drill Sergeant in the Brazilian Marine Corps some 20 plus years ago was exactly like Gunny Highway. Sergeant Pereira was tough as nails, as hard as they came, gave us hell but treated us with respect above all else.
    I was very fortunate to be 18 and have such an example of leadership in my life.

    • Hey Adriano,
      Thanks for you feedback! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome Drill Sergeant!! Our teens make us the people we become I think and to have great examples is wonderful!
      Hope you enjoyed our podcast!
      Gidgit xx

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