5000 Thank Yous

A little over six months ago, Gidgit, her partner the Colonel (GIFKing) and I started talking about putting together a podcast having fun with all the 80’s movies we love. This literally stemmed from late nights tweeting movie quotes and bad gifs at each. Colonel helping with so much behind the scenes and lets face it, you can’t get Gidgit and I to shut up anyway. Our only rule was, and is, we do a movie we both love.

Highlander was an easy choice to start with 🙂

Six months later and as you’re reading this, so is the Cinematic Screen Tweeting Queen – and I know she’s as happy as I am – today we hit 5000 downloads!

How did it happen? Because of all of you.

On behalf of Gidgit, Colonel and myself, thank you so much for supporting our little podcast that for many of you is on the other side of the world. We just absolutely love these movies and the messages of support, thanks and “I’m going to show my kids this movie” absolutely makes our day. We don’t know all of you, but we do appreciate everytime you take the time to listen to us gush about another film that when we were kids, we were sitting in a cinema and just loving the film during that strange time that was the 1980’s.

– Angryman

P.S. On a personal note I have to say working with Gidgit when we record is an absolute blast. Thanks so much Gidge for making it exactly what we hoped it would be, and Colonel, all your work – from the greatest GIFS the internet has ever seen, to tech ideas and equipment that ensures we’re creating a quality podcast that people can actually listen to is just amazing

3 thoughts on “5000 Thank Yous

  1. Thanks so much everyone and I can only copy what Angry has already said! Only been doing this for a little over 6 months and hitting 5000 downloads is huge!!! Thank you Angry for all your hard work editing and it’s such a pure delight doing this pod cast with you. Thank you to my partner Colonel for your awesome gifs and video and encouragement and support! As Sally Field once ranted while getting her second Oscar “You like us – you really like us!!”

    Great thing is we have NO plans of stopping and have hundreds of awesome 80’s movies we plan on podcasting and as Angry said – we only do the movies we really love and it’s so great you all love them too!!!

  2. I cannot wait. I’ve listened to most of your pod casts and I love them. You do not tare them apart but praise them and give us listeners information and trivia on them. Keep going please. You are my go to work and coming home from work podcast. I was born in 1973 so these moves are so wonderful to me. Congratulations on reaching 5000 down loads. I tell all my friends about your pod cast who are all the same age. I just hope your number keeps growing. Love Emily x

    • Thanks for your support and words Emily – we hope they keep growing too, but its awesome having supporters like you enjoying the movies!

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