116 – Rain Man.

This week Charlie discovers the brother he never knew and a life lived in a very different way… Join us as we look at the Academy award winning Rain Man, with powerhouse performances from Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise!

(Apologies for the technical hiccup earlier!)

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Here we have a quick reference guide for you for finding a movie you might have missed! Enjoy!


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About Us

The Retro Cinema Podcast is all about movies from the 1980’s. The look, the style, that amazing music – in the days when making a movie meant more than sitting in front of a computer, we sat in darkened cinemas and were scared, amazed, delighted and taken away to so many places. We still love these classics, so it’s only fair to watch them all over again!

Gidgit von LaRue

Gidgit VonLaRue was born a prophecy with a special birthmark and rescued from Queen Bavmorda by Willow. In her early years she was adopted by the Freeling family and sucked … Read more