A weeks’ respite

Hi all,

This week we had planned on having the podcast of Angel Heart out and available to you tomorrow (Thursday night Aussie time).

But while Angry is finally over his flu, poor Gidgit is now in the wars and seriously all, there’s no way she can do a podcast this week.

But fear not! We will be back next week and talking all things Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Bobby De Niro  🙂

You can shake on it…


3 thoughts on “A weeks’ respite

  1. I’m lost without my weekly listen of the newest Retro Cinema podcast! What am I to do?
    I hope Gidgit feels better soon and it’s not too serious.

    • Hi Tenelle. thanks for that! Gidge will be fine, its a wisdom tooth thing. she’s really frustrated she couldn’t record this week. we’ll be back next week!

  2. Oh no poor Gidgy. I also missed your podcast this week but our health is more important.
    Hope you are over your flu too Angryman.
    I look forward to Angel Heart next week. Massive Mickey Rourke fan.

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