About Us

The Retro Cinema Podcast is all about movies from the 1980’s. The look, the style, that amazing music – in the days when making a movie meant more than sitting in front of a computer, we sat in darkened cinemas and were scared, amazed, delighted and taken away to so many places. We still love these classics, so it’s only fair to watch them all over again!

Gidgit von LaRue



Gidgit VonLaRue was born a prophecy with a special birthmark and rescued from Queen Bavmorda by Willow. In her early years she was adopted by the Freeling family and sucked through a portal in her cupboard. Thus her now hate for goo! Gidgit moved on and started high school. After being absent NINE TIMES she was put in detention where she made a Cap’N’Crunch sandwich and danced to We Are Not Alone! After High School Gidgit joined up with a bunch of bikers who lived in a sunken luxury hotel beneath the cliff and hooked up with a dude called Michael but went on to become a stockbrokers secretary and through a love affair with Jack Trainer she became her own boss.

Sick of the office work and getting her dream job Gidgit decided to travel. First stop was Rwanda where she did her best to save the mountain gorillas – next port was Rhode Island where she was seduced by Daryl Van Horne but then moved on to LA as a waitress and had a brief love affair but had to move on quickly after being pursued by a big angry machine.

After LA Gidgit worked in an unsuccessful flower shop in NY but was beaten up by her then boyfriend and a plant tried to eat her even though she wanted somewhere that’s green.

After falling in love with a wolf and becoming a hawk – she travelled to Nebraska with her then boyfriend and could not find a restroom or adults so after being nearly sacrificed to the corn demon she returned to Louisiana where she died of Type 1 Diabeties.

Back from the dead Gidgit went to London to commit a jewel heist and ran off with a barrister then went on to work for Peter Loew – a literary agent where she had enough and started working at a homeless shelter at Christmas until she finally decided to podcast 80’s movie – where she is now!




Angry was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. He may or may not be immortal.

During high school Angry was famous for getting a record 7 Saturday suspensions in a row for objecting to Mr Vernon.

Over the years he has spent time in Egypt working with ‘Top Men’ on special projects, raced Lightcycles, played golf with Rodney Dangerfield and didn’t listen to the worm and beat the Labyrinth in less than 5 minutes.

He spent time in Antarctica but never talks about it. Ever.

After spending some years roaming around Australia in the last of the V8 Interceptors, Angry settled in Melbourne and it was while online there that he met Gidgit von LaRue and thus the Retro Cinema was born!