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Coming Up – Blue Velvet

Before there was the TV classic Twin Peaks there was the 1986 David Lynch film Blue Velvet. Dark, confronting and utterly brilliant. And yes, it is this weeks movie! Join us for trivia gossip and details on this amazing noir film

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042 – The Goonies

Hey you guys! This week Gidgit and Angry are in Astoria Oregon, looking for the treasure of One Eyed Willy! Goonies never die and this classic from the 80’s is just as much fun today!


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Goonies classic video clip

All Goonies all the time this week! Loved recognising all the wrestlers from the 80’s too!

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Coming Up – The Goonies

Hey you guys! This week Gidgit and Angry go treasure hunting in Astoria as they re-watch the huge cult classic The Goonies! It’s been a popular request and we’re loving watching it all over again!

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041 – The Right Stuff

With the sad passing of the brilliant writer and actor Sam Shepard we take a look at one of his most famous roles – that of Chuck Yeager. The man who broke the sound barrier and was truly made of The Right Stuff. This pivotal role shadows over the incredible achievements of the Mercury Astronauts in a classic from the 1980’s!


Find the Childhood Remastered Podcast HERE!

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Coming Up – The Right Stuff

This week on The Retro Cinema we start on October 14, 1947. Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier and the race is on to put a man in to space. Only the few selected have what it takes to succeed. The Right Stuff.

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040b – Batman

Continuing on same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, this week Gidgit and Angry enjoy the last half of one of the biggest movies of the 1980’s – Tim Burton’s Batman!

And we shout out congratulations to one of Angry’s favourite podcasts – The Unwritable Rant on 100 very funny episodes! Check out Juliette Miranda HERE!


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040a – Batman

Gotham City is a place of violent crime, ruled by organised crime as the law struggles to fight for order. In this dark city one man strives to keep justice alive. We call him Bruce Wayne. Gotham City know him as… Batman

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Upcoming radio interview 25th July (Australia)

So Gidgit and Angry will be chatting to Simon and Phil on the Victorian radio 3AW Nightline programme!

This will be Tuesday 25th July, from around 10pm (5am in Los Angeles, 1pm in London). We’ll be talking 80’s movies of course, and Angry will be in the studio with Gidgit phoning it in (in a good way!) We’re both bringing in our lists of our TOP 10 80’s movies and we’ll also be taking calls on peoples movies too!

Nightline with Phil and Simon

If you do miss it, head to the link above, and they’ll have the podcast available … Read more

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Coming up – Batman

From the Abyss of the Ocean to the dark crime ridden streets of Gotham City. This week Gidgit and Angry don their capes and cowls and talk all things awesome with the HUGE hit for Tim Burton. 1989’s Batman.

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