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088 – Dune

This week Angryman is joined by Colonel Kickhead as the boys get together, loosen the stillsuits and talk all things Fremen and why the sleeper must awaken!

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Coming Up – Dune

Out this week on the Retro Cinema is a look at David Lynch’s cinema flop, cult classic of one of the most amazing sciene fiction novels of all time. Dune.

Join Angryman and special guest host Colonel Kickhead as they chat about this 80s classic!

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Spotify your Retro Cinema!

Many of you have the Spotify app on your phones we know. Well now you can listen to the Retro Cinema on Spotify!

Clink on the image below and enjoy !

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087 – Top Ten Child Performances

This week with Gidgit still in Hawaii (and sunburnt btw) we have a great top ten for you and revisit some of our favourite performances from children in 80’s movies. Is a favourite of yours on our list? Let us know!

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086 – Top Ten Films of 1981

This week we cover our monthly Top Ten – And this month it is the Top Ten Films of the year 1981!

Is your favourite on the list? (And there are some surprise selections!)

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085 – Beetlejuice

He’s here! The ghost with the most, the bio-exorcist you need. Just say his name three times and he’s there! With 17.5 minutes on screen Michael Keaton created an iconic 80s character. We love him, we know you do. Also we announce the winner of our Top Ten for August!

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Coming Up – Beetlejuice

This week we’re enjoying rewatching one of the great fantastical classics from the 1980’s. Join us as we talk all about the ”ghost with the most” – Beetlejuice!  Podcast out Thursdasy!

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084 – Tootsie

Join Gidgit and Angry this week as they look at one of the big films of 1982.  Dustin Hoffman making points that still need to be addressed today. (Also it’s kinda fun)

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Coming Up – Tootsie

This week we’re having fun looking back at the classic satirical comedy/social commentary that is Tootsie! Podcast out thursday!

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083 – Bull Durham

This week Gidgit and Angry enjoy a baseball movie – hard to believe after 80 odd podcasts it took this long to get to one of their favourite genres, but hey, that’s eighties movies for you. So many to love!

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