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Two years this week! (Mashup time!)

This week marks two years of the Retro Cinema Podcast! We’d like to take the time to thank you all for the support and the fun in sharing these movies all over again with you!

Special thanks to the Colonel for putting together such a fantastic video to celebrate!

– Gidgit, Angry, Colonel and Lana

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Huge thank you, that came around quickly! And we love it! Thanks for all your support, and remember, keep watching those awesome 80s movies!

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Making of Roger Rabbit with Joanna Kennedy

As spoken about during this weeks podcast, here’s the great making of Roger Rabbit program via youTube. Enjoy!

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Retro Cinema now on Facebook!

So we’re on Facebook now, just somewhere you can keep up to date on where we’re at!

Find us – and Like us!  HERE

As always, thanks for the huge amount of support we have been getting!


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